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Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

  • We do our very best to fix it right the first time.  If your automobile needs more service than you can afford to fix at one time to correct any abnormal condition, we only warrant the systems that were repaired or replaced.  The symptom or abnormal condition may remain if you choose to not complete all needed repairs


  • We charge a minimum of one (1) hour to diagnose a problem with your car. If you authorize the repair then the diagnostic charge becomes part of your total labor charge for that repair.  If you do not have the problem repaired at the time of diagnostics, you will be billed for the diagnostic time.


  • All service and parts have a twelve month unlimited miles warranty except brakes, clutches, and tires. Warranty on excepted items is at the sole discretion of Buckhead Motor Works unless obvious failure of an installed part can be determined.  Under no circumstances is a warranty provided under conditions of customer abuse, modification, high performance or racing usage, or accident


  • Services are performed by appointment only


  • Walk-ins are accepted on an 'if we can' basis


  • Payment is expected at the time the automobile is picked up


  • The MINIMUM charge for diagnostic work is 1 hour of labor


  • The customer pays for all services performed at the time of pick up. Partial payments will not be accepted


  • We prosecute all customers that write bad checks and do not make good on them


  • We provide accurate ESTIMATES, an estimate is NOT a price quote


  • When an estimate is provided, and the work is begun, additional needed repairs will change the estimate, this change is typically communicated to the customer if the change substantially changes the total cost of repair


  • If your car is damaged on our lot and NOT due to our negligence or directly by one of our employees, the damages are your or your insurance carriers responsibility


  • We use only genuine BMW hard parts


  • Custom order parts and accessories are paid in advance and may not be returned for any reason


  • There is a 15% restocking fee for any returned part. A receipt is REQUIRED


  • If you miss or are late for your appointment you will loose your place in the service queue


  • We use a standard automobile industry service labor hour guides to estimate your repairs labor hours.  If it takes us less time to accomplish the repair (due to expertise or special equipment) the cost of your labor will not be affected.  If it takes longer due to problems with your automobile (bolts that break, modifications, etc.) your repair parts and labor costs will be adjusted accordingly


  • Customers are charged for all parts, hardware, and shop supplies used in the maintenance or repair of their automobile