If your BMW automobile either can not or should not be driven to our facility for repairs, you can use our preferred towing service R.Mayer Towing - 770 457-6246. 


R.Mayer towing uses an executive class flat bed type tow vehicle that provides the safest transportation of your BMW available.


We have utilized this service for approximately 20 years and R.Mayer towing will make every effort to insure that your car is transported safely to our facility. 


The cost of this towing can be added to your repairs for your convenience.  R.Mayer towing services are available seven (7) days a week and twenty four (24) hours a day. 


Buckhead Motor Works is not responsible for any damage that occurs to your automobile prior to its arrival at our facility. We recommend that you contact us during normal business hours, prior to your automobile's arrival, to make an appointment, and to advise service personnel of the problem(s). If your car arrives after hours, please contact us at your earliest convenience on the following business morning.


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