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If you are unable to arrange alternative transportation we will be glad to make rental car reservations on your behalf. 


If you are on a tight schedule, some services are available 'while you wait' however, we can not guarantee exactly how long any repair will take or when the work will begin.  Repairs while you wait are performed at the customers risk of taking longer than expected. 


If you need alternative transportation when you arrive for your repairs, we can call a local rental car agency and attempt to have a car reserved in your name.  For the past several years we have utilized Enterprise Rent-A-Car to meet our customers alternative transportation needs.  


If you know you will need alternative transportation when you make your appointment, please tell the service advisor at that time and a rental car reservation will be made for you prior to your arrival. 

When you arrive, we will first get any service information needed from you then the car rental agency will be notified of your arrival.


Typically, the car rental agency will provide you transportation from our location to their offices via shuttle or courtesy car so that you may complete the necessary forms at their offices and receive your rental unit. 




Transportation from the rental car agency facility, to Buckhead Motor Works, when you return the rental car, is normally provided by the Sandy Springs Enterprise rent-a-car location as a courtsey. We do not provide loaner cars and we do not keep rental cars on our lot.