All new parts purchased from Buckhead Motor Works and the labor charged by Buckhead Motor Works in the service of your automobile have a twelve (12) month and unlimited mileage warranty except brakes, clutches, and tires. 


Warranty on excepted items is at the sole discretion of Buckhead Motor Works unless obvious failure of an installed part can be determined.


Under no circumstances is a warranty provided under conditions of customer abuse, modification, high performance and/or racing usage, or accident.

Buckhead Motor Works will repair or replace at its option, any warranty item and the warranty period will continue to be from the date of initial repair/purchase.


Replacement of a covered component will not 'renew' the twelve month warranty period.

There is absolutely no warranty provided on parts supplied by the customer, this includes a 'no warranty' condition on the labor required to install or reinstall said parts in the event of defect or failure. If the customer provides any part that fails and causes a warranted part to be damaged or causes a need for a covered part to be replaced or removed in any way, the warranty on that covered part is void and the cost for the entire repair including any needed parts, shop supplies, and labor will be the responsibility of the customer.


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