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Used Car Overview
Buckhead Motor Works has been in the BMW service industry since 1982 and we have performed services for thousands of BMW owners.  For this reason, we often hear of BMW enthusiast that are either looking to buy or sell a BMW. We also offer a complete pre-purchase inspection service for the purchaser of a BMW automobile that provides a detailed report on the ‘candidate’ automobile.

We provide two Internet based services to individuals that appreciate the BMW ultimate driving experience. Put the power of the Internet to work for you by using one of the following Buckhead Motor Works Internet services:

* List your used ‘BMW For Sale’ advertisement on our web site for $29.95 till it sells.
   * List your ‘BMW Wanted’ ad on our site for $19.95 till you purchase.

If you are considering the purchase of a used BMW automobile, it is strongly recommended that you have a Buckhead Motor Works ‘Pre-Purchase Inspection’ performed on the candidate automobile prior to making any commitments or negotiating the final price .  Our pre-purchase inspection includes a detailed report of the general mechanical condition of the automobile at the time of inspection.  The fee charged for the pre-purchase inspection starts as low as $136.00.  There are affordable but additional charges for older cars that may require a compression check or a cam wear inspection.

Here is all you have to do……

To place your advertisement on our web site: Simply ask the front counter personnel to give you a Buckhead Motor Works ‘Web Site Used Car Advertisement’ form. Complete the form at your convenience, include a picture of the vehicle if you have one (for sale only), attach your personal check (VISA & MasterCard also accepted) and we will do the rest!   Your advertisement, complete with photo (if applicable), will appear on our web site in just a few days.  The Internet has millions of users with thousands of new users joining in every day.  The BMW is Atlanta’s most popular automobile and many BMW enthusiast are using the Internet to shop for their cars.  Don’t let them do there shopping on the Internet and not be able to find you there!

To schedule a pre-purchase inspection for a ‘candidate’ BMW: simply call our main number 404-255-1516 or see the front counter personnel to make a regular appointment.

Sellers – Click the blue dot to see complete advertisement

ModelMilesPriceContact NamePhone
1999325i1000030000Mr. B M Works000-555-1212

ModelMilesPriceContact NamePhone
1997-1 999325i<3000020000-30000B M Buyer000-555-1213

NOTES: Buckhead Motor Works is in no way participating in the actual sale or acquisition of these cars and in no way offers any warranty or guarantee for these automobiles either expressed or implied. At the request of a potential purchaser and with the permission of the current legal owner of the automobile, Buckhead Motor Works can make any service records available for inspection.  Buckhead Motor Works is only providing advertising space for potential BMW buyers and sellers.  The pre-purchase inspection is a ‘report’ on the general condition of the automobile at the time of inspection, it IS NOT a guarantee or a warranty of any kind. Buckhead Motor Works will not be held responsible for needed repairs, apparent loss of value, failed negotiations, or repairs that are required after the purchase of the automobile for any reason.